Promotions Are On Everywhere


Know When The Discounts Start, What's On Offer and Where!

Before you buy anything, check if the products, services or brands you want, are on promotion near you.


Whoispromoting places local and national promotions at your fingertips

Shop Savvy

Feel the buzz of knowing precisely where the best shopping events are.

Businesses everywhere are always running promotions, but don't always advertise them. So many great deals, so often hidden in plain sight.

Whoispromoting brings these to the fore, informs you of venues and dates, and enables you to pin-point the best discounts on products, services and lifestyle brands.

It makes perfect sense to save money by heading straight for the promotions.

The Nation's Favourite Promotions.
All In One Place.

The Sales. Offers. Events.

From local and national suppliers.

  • On Your High Street
  • Shopping Centres
  • Retail Parks
  • Showrooms
  • Online

On Your High Street and Beyond

Save Money All Year Round

Track and compare supplier promotions through every season.

There are consumer events throughout the year. Whoispromoting empowers you with news on everything from Christmas Sales to Summer Deals, enabling you to shop bargains every day of the year.

Best of all, you can buy with confidence direct from suppliers, in-store or online – absolutely free of any hidden costs.

It's The Intelligent Way To Search, Shop and Save.

Whoispromoting is your completely free promotion news channel
There are no charges to you and no sales fees to suppliers, on anything you buy from them.

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